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British Shorthair Maine Coon Mix: Are They Right For You?

Have you considered getting British Shorthair Maine Coon Mix? This designer cat is no longer common but deserves a mention in cat circles.

Imagine a cute British Shorthair paired with a cute, people-oriented Maine Coon teddy bear. What a wonderful combination!

He is nothing less than a loyal and loving companion. She will be distinguished by intelligence, grace, and beauty. His sweet and calm demeanour will surprise you.

You will fall in love with this cat’s personality, and we look forward to his homecoming every day.

Unfortunately, no cat is perfect. The BSH Maine Coon mix is no exception. This section deals with problems. You may want to consider this before becoming an owner.

How Does A British Shorthair Maine Coon Look?

Most cat lovers are aware of the Maine Coon’s status as the world’s largest domestic cat.

Males reach a maximum weight of 25 pounds, and females stay at 8 to 12 pounds.

Its height is a maximum of 10 to 16 inches. Very few cats even come close to these numbers.

The British Shorthair, on the other hand, weighs 7 to 17 pounds and is 9 to 14 inches long.

A mixture of these two types is classified as medium or large. It is likely to increase.

Both parent breeds are muscular and broad-chested. The cross is no different. With its long, strong legs, it walks gracefully with its bright eyes, elegant tail, and magnificent coat.

Its ears are either medium and wide like a BSH or large and pointed like a Maine Coon.

Her body is thin, strong, tall, and curvy, depending on which genes are at play.

This mix has a thick coat with short or long fur. This coat is not showy with a thick undercoat – even for a short coat type.

A slanted eye is visible on his face.

If he favours a Maine Coon, he will have a very thick coat with long, silky hairs on the undercoat and belly.

Coat colour will vary greatly. This mix is available in almost all cat colours, textures, and patterns.

What are the pros of owning a British Shorthair Maine Coon mix?

The following Pros will help you make your decision.


Appearance plays a big role when choosing a pet.

Ask cat parents in your area how they choose their cats. They are likelier to say things like “She’s cute” and “She has a nice coat.”

A beautiful cat is a joy. If you are a cat lover who excels at this, the BSH Maine Coon mix will not disappoint you.

Regardless of size, coat colour, eye colour, and other characteristics, this is a wonderful pet.

His plump cheeks are soft, and his plush fur is just gorgeous.

You will find yourself photographing her endlessly.


intelligence cat British Shorthair Maine Coon Mixes

Because both parents are intelligent, the British shorthair Maine Coon mix is a very intelligent cat.

He can read your emotions, learn tricks, play with toys, and even walk on a leash if properly trained.

Good temperament:

Owning a cat that looks cute and has a bad mood.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that the British Shorthair Coon Mix is an adorable pet that you can keep at home.

They are calm, peaceful, confident, loving, and friendly.

Conversely, Maine Coons are gentle giants. They are silly, smart, people-loving, and friendly.

They are apprehensive towards strangers but have a strong sense of trust for familiar faces.

She will follow and always talk with you and also play.

If you have kids and other pets, you will develop a strong link at an earlier age. 

He values alone time and makes it suitable for people who are not always home.

Good Family Pet:

British Shorthair Maine Coon Mixes are a friendly with family

The organization of your home determines what kind of cat you get. If you have kids and other pets, you will develop a strong link at an earlier age.

Fortunately, this mixture suits adults, children, and other animals. Can handle children.

Of course, it can get worse when they are abused or overstimulated, so teach your kids how to cope.

Can Stay Alone For Long Periods:

British Shorthair Maine Coon Mixes stay alone a very long time

The good thing about the cat is that he does not suffer from separation anxiety.

He loves personal space and also loves your company.

She’ll be busy chasing and catching games, birdwatching up high, and playing with a toy or two when she’s away.

For those who work outside the home all day, that is.

Low Grooming Needs:

Although they have long hair in their coats, mane cones are thinner. Of course, like all cats, they shed occasionally, but they are not classified as heavy shedders.

On the other hand, the English are now small, even medium-sized.

This means there are few ways to prepare a BSH master cone mix.

Just arm yourself with a good vacuum cleaner, hair brush, toothbrush, and nail clippers, and clean thoroughly.

Cons Of British Shorthair Maine Coon Mix

Health Concerns:

The BSH Man Cun Mix breed is relatively healthy. However, he can develop cat-like obesity, hip dysplasia, gum disease, and spinal muscular atrophy.

For your cat’s health, feed it a high-quality diet and take it to the vet often.

A good breeder is the most important thing to get a detailed medical opinion.

Space Needs:

You will need much storage space if you have a small cone-size collection.

She should have her own space around her property where she feels safe.

Feel free to host him in your apartment if you can provide him with a home to return to.


British Shorthair Maine Coon Mix is not cheap. First, parents are expensive (especially Maine Coons). Second, the combination is rare.

Because of these factors, be prepared to pay a thousand dollars or more for a cat.

Some breeders sell their pets for very low prices. Watch out for them; they may have bad kittens without medical records.

Closing Thoughts

These are the pros and cons of owning a British Shorthair Maine Coon mix.

In short, this cat is smart and friendly with children and other pets.

On the other hand, they are costly, take up a lot of room, and cause health problems.


What is the personality of a Maine Coon cat mix?

Maine Coon Tabby Mix: Characteristics, Facts, and Habits
Most mixed breeds with the Maine Coon retain this friendly and adaptable nature. It is an intelligent, friendly, independent, and playful cat. They are probably more active and should play more.

Are British Shorthair cats bigger than Maine Coons

To determine who will prevail, let’s examine some of the most significant contrasts between the two races. One of the first differences between British Shorthairs and Maine Coons you’ll notice is size. The British Shorthair is a medium-sized breed, while the Maine Coon is one of the larger domestic cat breeds.

Do Maine Coons bond with one person?

Although Maine Coon cats tend to be loyal to one person, they have a sweet friendship that they show to most people.

Why is the British Shorthair cat so popular?

The British Shorthair is known as a family cat because of its obedient and loving nature. The breed likes to interact with people, especially children. It’s no wonder this breed is a popular choice for young families.

Are British Shorthair cats chubby?

They are naturally big cats, but their weight should come from muscle, not excess fat. Adult males can weigh up to 8 kg, and due to the more sedentary lifestyle of this breed, overeating and lack of activity can add pounds and stress their joints.

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