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Cats With Rings On Their Tails

Two well-known “cats with rings on their tails” can be recognized.

Both of them are mammals. One is a native of North America’s deserts and belongs to the raccoon family. 

Even though it is a wild species and not a cat, it is always called a ring-tailed cat. 

This is due to the black rings on its tail. Since this website is about cats, I won’t go into detail on that animal other than to explain that it can be trained and maintained as a pet. 

The American Ringtail is a real purebred cat, the other ringed-tail cat.

Being a relatively new breed, it is unique. It was established in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1998. 

A kitten with a ringed tail, which is held erect (tail up) and turned over at the tip in the shape of a ring, was saved by Susan Mandley. 

Cats With Rings On Their Tails

She decided to invent a new kind of cat. Another cat breed that emerged from an abnormal gene is the American Ringtail. 

This mutation causes the tail to coil over in this manner. Two genes, one dominant and one recessive, are thought to be involved. 

The aerial tail is produced by the dominant gene, which is sex-linked. The recessive gene causes the curl in the tail.

Importantly, this gene has no negative effects on health; therefore, the cat is healthy.

According to what I understand, it is a typical-appearing cat that has not been bred to an extreme and can be adopted with a highly different number of coat kinds.

Here are some cats with Rings on their Tails
American Ringtail
Mackerel Tabby
Siamese Cats
Bengal Cat


Cats with rings on their tails are a unique and attractive sight.

There is no disputing that they are a great conversation starter, even though they might not be everyone.

Contact a reliable breeder to purchase a cat with a tail ring.

Alternatively, you could be lucky enough to find one if you check a local shelter.

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Can you have a ring-tailed cat as a pet?

The Ringtail is a simple creature to train, making both a loving pet and a skilled mouser (watch out, housecats!). Miners and settlers used to raise pet ringtails to keep insects out of their cabins. They must have access to a dim, den-like space as a pet where they can spend the day sleeping.

Do Maine Coon cats have ringed tails?

The Maine Coon got its name from how it looked like a raccoon. They typically have hairy tails with rings and brown tabby coats.

Are ring-tailed cats rare?

Due to its rareness and difficulty finding, the RRingtail is even today known as a rare breed.

What breed of cat has a raccoon tail?

Maines are huge, bulky, and heavy-boned; their raccoon-like tail may have inspired their name.

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