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Cats With Slanted Eyes

5 Cats With Slanted Eyes

The cats are crossed into a common breed known as Siamese cats. These cats are easily recognized by their distinctive blue eyes and colour.

However, cats also have another eye shape: slanted eyes.

It is not the size of the eye. But as an added feature to the existing cat eye look.

As the name suggests, floppy eye syndrome is a condition where cats have a diagonal line that runs from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner.

Here are some cats with slanted eyes. I hope you will enjoy them.


siamese cat with salented eyes

The first breed known for its dark eyes is the adorable Siamese cat.

According to Xeepet, this is the most notable trait among breed members. Of course, that and the contrasting colour of the cat’s body and toes.

A true Siamese cat has blue, brown, almond-shaped eyes.

Their eye-catching look from nose to ears makes it the piece we love the most.

Although Siamese cats have closed eyes, they see their world as purely as other breeds.

Their approach is straightforward and focused.

Arabian Mau

Arabian Cat With salented Eyes

Known for its long legs, large ears, and short tail, the Mau Arabian is one of the small-eyed cat breeds.

This ancient cat with roots in the Arabian Peninsula has oval eyes slightly slanted at the sides.

Some members show a significant decrease, while others experience only a slight decrease.

Generally, their eyes are turned towards and up in their head.

They have the same eye colour and are also larger.

Although individuals with blue, brown, black, or copper eyes are not uncommon, light green eyes are the most frequent eye colour for Arabian mice.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon Cat with Salented Eyes

There’s a reason the Maine Coon is a cat lover’s favourite pet.

Number one is his sweet and friendly demeanour.

Undoubtedly, this cat is a wonderful pet for any family.

He is friendly with everyone, without exception. Then he has a wonderful appearance.

The cat is a really big ball of beauty (weighing about 25-25 lbs), comes with a beautiful fur coat, and has amazing eyes.

Speaking of eyes, the Maine Coon has large, wide, slanted eyes that hang slightly to the sides.

It comes in a lot of colours, including gold and green.

If you are a cat owner and do not pay attention to the cat eyes’ shapes, you probably do not understand the trend of seeing it.

Well, some cats are blessed with low-set, high-set eyes like Asians.

No matter the size of your cat’s eyes, they are beautiful and see their world as clearly as any other cat.

Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Cats With Salented Eyes

Smart, friendly, and full of energy, the Oriental Shorthair brings many homes.

They enjoy the company of humans and get along well with children, dogs, and other cats.

Orientals have tall, thin frames, large ears, and attractive faces.

The reason for their unforgettable expression is the colour and shape of their eyes.

They are recognized by their distinctive dead star when they enter a room when they enter a room.

Members of this species have beautiful coloured almond eyes.

White Oriental cats have green, blue, or hazel eyes, while Oriental cats have blue eyes.

In addition to eye colour, cats have smaller eyes.


Korat Cat With Salented Eyes

The beautiful Korat cat, sometimes called Swat, originated nine centuries ago in Siam (modern-day Thailand).

Is known for its silver hat, blue-grey coat, and heart-shaped figure.

The elephant’s green eyes are a luscious amber, and the cat’s expression is lively and animated.

This combination makes it a very expressive animal.

She knows what she wants and wants it through several strategies, one of which is through her beautiful organ of sight.

Fortunately, she is loyal, friendly, intelligent, and loves spending time with her family.

Understanding Cats With Slanted Eyes

Slanted-eyed cats are a unique and beautiful breed. These cats’ eyes are almond-shaped, different from other round-eyed cats. Dating back to ancient times, these cats are said to have originated in Asia. 

These cats are bred for their physical qualities, including short hair, lovely structure, and remarkable body form.

Some people mistakenly link bad eyesight to cats, although this is never the case. In another instance, these cats are known as superb hunters because of their excellent eyesight.

Tabby cats are an amazing cat breed that earns a lot of appreciation and attention.

Caring For Cats With Slanted Eyes

Tabby cats’ caring is most important to their health and well-being.

These cats need a special diet and exercise to stay healthy.

These cats require exercise techniques and brushing to clean their eyes. Understanding the black-eyed cat’s health and wellness is important to meet their needs.

Your vet can provide more valuable advice to keep your cat healthy and happy, with proper attention and your cat live a happy life.

Listen, remember, cats need patience and attention. You will also be rewarded with a loving and happy companion.

Cultural Significance Of Cats With Slanted Eyes

Big-eyed cats have cultural significance, especially in East Asian societies. Because of their status, these creatures are frequently portrayed in literature, art, and entertainment.

Surrounding their cats are legends and myths; many people believe they have magical powers.

A black-eyed cat brings luck and protection from evil in East Asian cultures. Additionally, they are seen as a prestige and power symbol.

The Fascinating World Of Cat Breeds

Cross-eyed are the most unique and interesting cat breeds. Each breed has its own behaviours and unique personalities that make it amazing.

Additionally, they have a wide range of appearances, from the adorable Siamese to the Tonkinese.

Despite their differences, all these cats have the same beautiful shape of black eyes. As a cat lover, it’s exciting to enter the world of these amazing creatures and learn about their traits and characteristics.

 The next time you see a black-eyed cat, appreciate its beauty and intelligence.


In Conclusion, I discuss cats with slanted eyes these cats have slanted eyes.

Blindness in a cat’s eyes is not a defect. It is unique that some cats inherit from their ancestors. It does not affect health or appearance.

If adopting a cat, it is also a trait, so it is most important you research and understand the unique personality you need, as well as your health condition.

Kind-eyed cats are as charming companions as any other cat. With proper care, they can live happily and healthily. So, if you are interested in a new cat, I recommend a tabby cat.


Why does my cat have slanted eyes?

Pupil constriction prevents too much light from entering the eye, damaging the retina. However, in domestic cats, their pupils are vertical rather than round, so when bright light enters their eyes, to protect their retina, their pupils are narrowed into a narrow vertical slit.

Do Maine Coons have slanted eyes?

Maine Coons have large beautiful eyes, usually slightly slanted. Maine Coon puppies are born with blue eyes; the colour fades with development.

What cats have oblique eyes?

Maine Coon Eye Shape

According to the Federation of Cat Fanciers (CFF), Maine Coons have large eyes. Your eyes should not be perfectly round, but they should be slightly slanted due to their shape.

Are blue-eyed Maine Coon cats rare?

Blue or strange eyes are both rare.

Until now, there were only Maine Coons who were blue or odd-eyed and white. Because of this rare genetic trait, we can now have blue or blue eyes with no colour. This trait is so special and makes it great for any cat to watch.

Do cats have hunter’s eyes?

The dog-sized pupil, with superior control over light, explains how a cat can hunt in dim light and broad daylight, says biologist Ron Douglas of City University London.

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