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How Many Teeth Does A Cat Have

Healthy adult cats have a total of 30 teeth. Besides eating, cats use their teeth to defend themselves and hunt their prey.

Understanding how many teeth a cat has and how to care for them will help keep your cat happy and healthy in the long run.

Kittens start teething as early as two weeks; all 26 little teeth erupt within 6 to 8 weeks.

Kittens lose their old teeth at about three months, and their new adult teeth begin to erupt.

When a cat is six months old, all its adult teeth reach 30. Like other cats, these adult cats use their teeth for hunting and defense.

Types of Cat Teeth

Cats have teeth that help them hunt and survive in the wild. It is important to understand how many teeth a cat has that grace its mouth.

Here are some mentions below:


  • Function: Incisors are the small front teeth in front of a cat’s mouth. They serve as precise tools for nibbling and grooming.
  • Number of Incisors: Adult cats have 12 incisors – 6 in the upper jaw and 6 in the lower jaw.

Canine teeth

  • Function: Canines, also known as “fangs” or “eye teeth,” are the long, pointed teeth at the corners of a cat’s mouth. They play a crucial role in capturing and tearing prey.
  • Number of Canines: Adult cats have four canines – 2 upper and two lower.


  • Function: Located behind the canines, premolars are responsible for shearing and cutting food. They help in the initial breakdown of prey before it’s swallowed.
  • Number of Premolars: Adult cats have six premolars in their upper jaw and 4 in their lower jaw, for 10.


  • Function: Molars are positioned at the back of the mouth and serve in grinding and crushing food, aiding digestion.
  • Number of Molars: Adult cats have 2 molars in the upper jaw and 2 molars in the lower jaw, totaling 4 molars.

Kittens are born with how many teeth?

Kittens are born with how many teeth

Technically, according to Xeepet, the age at which a kitten first gets teeth depends on what you define as teeth. Before a kitten is born, the tissues organize and develop the first tooth buds.

However, kittens are born without teeth that protrude above the gum line. A kitten’s first teeth do not appear for two to three weeks, a biological delay Mama Cat would undoubtedly understand.

A kitten has fewer teeth than an adult cat, similar to newborn humans:

  • 12 incisors
  • 4 canines
  • 10 premolars

There are 26 deciduous teeth in total in a kitten.

Cute cat have a beautiful name.

How Many Permanent Teeth Do Adult Cats Have?

A kitten usually has a full set of adult teeth by the time it is 6 months old after losing all of its baby teeth. An adult cat has teeth in contrast to a kitten. With that, domestic cats now have 30 permanent teeth overall:

  • 12 incisors
  • 4 canines
  • 10 premolars
  • 4 molars

Maintaining the health of your cat’s teeth

Maintaining the health of your cat's teeth

Here are some important considerations and tips for maintaining your cat’s pearly whites:

  • Teeth Brushing
  • Dental Treatment
  • Appropriate Toys and Treats:
  • Diet and Nutrition:
  • Regular Check-ups

What Dental Problems Can Cats Face?

Keeping your cat’s teeth healthy is important because failing to do so can result in many dental issues that could negatively impact their general health.

Consider some of the dental issues that may develop in cats whose dental hygiene is neglected:

  • Pica:
  • Trauma:
  • Gingivitis:
  • Periodontitis:
  • Gingivitis:
  • Endodontic Disease:
  • Periodontal Disease:
  • Tooth Resorption:
  • Developmental Abnormalities:
  • Dental Plaque and Tartar:
  • Broken or Fractured Teeth:

Can a healthy diet help cat dental health?

Can a healthy diet help cats' dental health

You should feed your cat a diet to support their good tooth health.

It is crucial to provide your cat with a diet that is strong in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates since cats require nutrients only available in animal products.

Cats also require additional nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids.


As responsible pet owners, we are responsible for giving our beloved cats the finest care possible, including dental care.

We can ensure that our feline friends have happy, healthy lives by learning the secrets of their teeth and adopting preventative actions to safeguard their well-being.

A healthy cat should have 30 healthy teeth, which you might occasionally be fortunate enough to see.

But you must regularly wash your cat’s teeth and take them to the doctor when you discover any dental issues if you want to keep their teeth in the best possible shape.


Why do cats only have 4 teeth?

The teeth at the very rear of your cat’s mouth, called molars, break down food as he chews. Your cat has two top molars and two bottom molars, which do not erupt until the baby’s teeth have fallen out. Your cat only has 26 baby teeth, but it has 30 adult teeth because of this.

Can a cat survive without teeth?

Even Without Teeth, a Cat Can Enjoy Life!

Your cat will lead a typical life without teeth, except for a possible change in food and reduced eating rates. In fact, with better oral health that is pain-free and infection-free, your cat will probably thrive.

Do cats have 32 teeth?

Cats have 30 permanent teeth and 26 baby teeth. Dogs have 28 baby teeth and 42 permanent teeth, compared to humans, who have 20 and 32 permanent teeth.

How do vets remove cats’ teeth?

The vet will use extractors to twist and pull the cat’s tooth out after it has been knocked loose. The area where the gum flap was formed will be restored and sutured to close off the socket.

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